Vehicle type doesn’t matter. How to streamline the operations of any fleet

15 June, 2023
Elizaveta Guliaeva

You have probably heard that Wialon is a universal platform for GPS tracking and IoT. But what does this universality mean in practice? Through six recent IoT use case examples, we will show you how Wialon partners adapt the platform to track and supervise various fleets. These stories demonstrate that one platform can effectively handle multiple industry-specific requests of fleet owners: from improving taxi drivers’ behavior to battery charge control in electric vehicles.

Taxi fleet management system for driver discipline control and more

taxi fleet management system 1

Geoservice, a Wialon partner, developed a full-fledged taxi fleet management service called TaxiLogic that could tackle problems like unsafe driving habits, untimely paper-and-pencil financial control, car accidents, or even theft, and others. 

The system uses the Wialon GPS tracking system, with the flespi telematics platform on the backend. The solution is also integrated with the biggest taxi aggregators, traffic police database, and remote medical examination software. 

One of the fleets that has adopted the taxi monitoring system is Direct Money. It owns about 250 vehicles and rents them to taxi drivers. TaxiLogic helped Direct Money to digitalize their operations and ensure ultimate control over the rented cars. The company saw increased profits triggered by reduced employee costs and driver error frequency as well as lower risks of fines and damage stemming from improved compliance. Read the detailed use case about the integrated system for taxi fleet management in our use cases library.

A scooter tracking system in the Netherlands

scooter tracking system in netherlands 1

Wialon partner HubLogiQ developed a scooter tracking system that provides full control over the renting process for Scootpallet, the largest rental company of electric mobility scooters in Benelux.

The data from scooters is sent to the Wialon platform, where Scootpallet regularly checks the numbers of scooters in different locations and their battery status. Scooter lights can also be remotely turned off to reduce battery usage.

By knowing the battery status and availability of each of its fleet of scooters, Scootpallet achieves profits and savings. The company also maximizes battery life and saves man-hours by no longer having to send the workers to check scooters. Since working with HubLogiQ, Scootpallet’s increased efficiency has led to the company's faster growth. The full use case showing how to implement the scooter tracking system is available in the library.

Staff transport management system for a garment company in Sri Lanka

gofer for brandixwide

Brandix Apparel is the largest garment exporter in Sri Lanka. The company uses over 1,000 vehicles managed by 23 business units to transport around 20,000 employees. To streamline corporate transportation, the Wialon partner KLOUDIP offered Brandix Apparel an employee transport management solution. In 2022, this solution was awarded in the IoT project of the year competition in the “Public transport” category. 

The system consists of the GOFER platform for staff transport management powered by flespi, together with trackers installed on all vehicles. This combination offers an impressive list of new features for booking, payments, budget control, and operation transparency for four user types: passengers, managers, dispatchers, and drivers. 

In this case, the company saved $12,500 per month thanks to rejecting unimportant trips, reduced vehicle misuse cases, and accurate distance calculation. In addition, no human errors happen as the system eliminates manual calculations of driver payments. To get more information about this employee transport management solution, read the use case on our website.

Automation of the public transport management system in Tajikistan

public transport management system in tajikistan

Smart City, a special governmental executive body providing an implementation of electronic services in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, needed a transparent public transport management system for 350 vehicles. Sarfaroz was chosen as a telematics service provider to deliver the project.

Sarfaroz suggested a three-stage fleet management solution:

Using this system, Smart City provided passengers with a secure public transportation service, reduced costs of maintaining the fleet, and optimized fuel consumption. More details about the public transport management system can be found in the use cases library.

Electronic cargo tracking system and GPS truck monitoring for the Customs in Azerbaijan

electronic control system wide

In Azerbaijan, the State Customs Committee sought an effective freight tracking system to improve its services and prevent violations. The Committee needed to track its service and transit vehicles as well as trucks with cargo entering the country and heading to customs. The much-needed electronic cargo tracking system was developed by Wialon partner A+A Security.

The solution comprises electronic locks, GPS trackers, the Wialon platform, and a tracking app developed by A+A Security. When a truck with goods arrives in the country, a customs officer enters the required data about the vehicle and cargo into the ERP system and selects a GPS lock ID. Then, the selected GPS lock is automatically activated in the GPS truck monitoring app.

The GPS truck tracking solution leaves no opportunities for smuggling and duty evasion, and works without lags even with the increased number of vehicles tracked simultaneously. The full project describing the system for electronic cargo tracking is published on the use cases page. 

Cold chain IoT solutions: last mile delivery optimization for Amazon and Carrefour

cold chain deliveries of amazon and carrefour

Transcorp International is a leading UAE provider of cold chain IoT solutions, handling 15,000 deliveries per day across the region using 252 vehicles. The company was looking to adjust its operations and visualize what was happening on the ground to take corrective actions. To achieve this goal, Transcorp turned to MaliaTec, a leading enterprise solution provider. 

To collect and display the data from the devices, MaliaTec used Wialon in its full capacity, including features for maintenance management, logistics, route optimization, and video telematics.

With a reliable cold supply chain and IoT management solution, Transcorp achieved an average success ratio of 98.2% for guaranteed next day deliveries, and reduced driving kilometers by 6.2% per month and delivery time by 4%. 

This case is the winner of IoT project of the year in the “Cold chain transportation” category. Get more details about this cold chain IoT solution in the library.

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Elizaveta Guliaeva
Elizaveta Guliaeva
Elizaveta is a Content Marketer at Gurtam. She shares the latest company news with the Wialon community and creates useful marketing materials showing the best Wialon features for different business niches.


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