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Wialon system supports a variety of cartographic services used in tracking, such as Google Maps, Open Street Maps, HERE Maps, Bing Maps. Besides, Wialon Maps native GIS service is available. Wialon Maps represents a perfect combination of usability and functionality, flexible addressing system, routing service and other features to satisfy all the cartographic requirements of Wialon system users.

Wialon Maps GIS (Geographic Information Services) is part of Wialon Hosting, Wialon Local and GPS-Trace solutions that functions as a separate application and can be used by our clients to develop proprietary solutions.

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Wialon Maps advantages

Regular updates of mapping data
Partnership with major cartographic services
Customized for Wialon app
Personal maps disposition with limited access
Popular vector formats support (shape, mapinfo, mp and etc.)
GIS administrative capabilities and Wialon technical support


Display system

Up-to-date legend, high quality unit visualization and all the necessary map layers.

Reverse geocoding system

Allows to adjust address data display format to clients needs.


Optimal route between waypoints, estimated time and distance calculation.

Speed limit information

Posted speed limit detection based on GIS data.

The Wialon Maps native service is developed specifically for the Wialon GPS monitoring system.

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