Training and certification

We want the Wialon partners to grow their business and make the life of their clients – transport and logistics companies, taxis and construction companies, security and control systems, and any other clients – more comfortable.

For them to be able to do so, our team provides the opportunities for training and certification. Specialists of any skill levels are welcome.


What can you get?

Advanced technical support for your clients
Proper in-house training for new employees
Business-specific and practice-oriented education
Knowledge of non-standard solutions to implement the most interesting projects
Priority insight into the new modules

What can we offer?

Wialon basic course:

  • Study of key modules
  • Shaping of the comprehensive understanding of the system
Study mode: classes for self-study under the supervision of a training specialist.

Topic-specific consultations:

  • Study of particular modules
  • Non-standard approaches analysis
Study mode: individual online session based on the provided task specification.


  • Experience shared by our Wialon technical specialists
  • Examples of analysis and variants of solution
Study mode: illustrated text articles with examples.

Instructional portal

Tool for self-study and knowledge testing

Wialon basic course

The course consists of 3 classes for self-study. They include theoretical material with examples, illustrations, videos, and questions for self-check. You will consolidate your knowledge obtained during each class by solving practical problems. Our training specialist will check your solutions.

The course ends with a test on the material studied. If you pass it successfully, you will be granted a diploma. Optionally, you can take an additional class organized as an online session, during which our training specialist will answer any questions you might have, and will help you explore the functionality not included in the course.

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Select the necessary test and pass it in the trial mode as many times as you need. Ready to prove your knowledge? Just send a request for the certification test to All attempts to pass the certification test are free.

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The Wialon proficiency level certificates

Certificates ranking Correct answers percentage Recommended for
Level 1 25-49% Integrator’s marketing department
Level 2 50-69% Business development department
Level 3 70-89% Technical support and implementation
Level 4 90-100% Owners of the Level 3 certificates who want to master the knowledge of Wialon to perfection

Wialon trainings in 2021

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Video materials on Wialon

Wialon online classes performance capabilities from experts

Wialon video course

Our specialists have held many webinars and meetups dedicated to Wialon modules, equipment configuration, work with the applications, and much more. Learn more about Wialon functionality in our videos. Select the topic you are interested in and watch the corresponding videos.
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Online events

Every month, we prepare meetups and webinars for you to cover current topics in the telematics industry. Follow our announcements, add our events to your calendar, and subscribe to our newsletters to get updates of our new meetups and webinars.
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