Wialon best practices: agriculture, home and office services, local deliveries, people tracking

6 June, 2023
Darya Kavaleuskaya

IoT technology has transformed industries, including agriculture, home and office services, local deliveries, and people tracking.

These Wialon partners have integrated IoT into their clients’ business processes, offering customized solutions. They’ve received recognition for their outstanding implementation skills in the IoT project of the year competition — Internet of Things award for the best use of Wialon in different industries.

The solutions streamline operations and improve efficiency, like a human tracking system for research project participants and tractor location and monitoring.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the top use cases, from IoT in dairy farming to IoT use cases in agriculture, and more.

IoT farming solution: agriculture GPS tracking management

iot farming solution for agriculture

FarmManager, an Israeli IoT farming startup, faced a challenge when trying to connect their IoT-based farming application to a tracking platform. They wanted to process data from GPS for agriculture use, transmitted from devices installed on tractors and machinery. The issue was that most trackers ignore low-speed machinery, which hindered farmers' ability to monitor their crops.

After six months of searching, FarmManager contacted Ananas Global, Wialon's partner in the Middle East, to find a solution. Ananas Global opted for the Queclink GL320 model, which tracks low speeds with high accuracy, and developed a converter to unify data from different tracker models. After testing several GPS tracking platforms, they selected Wialon to collect data from trackers due to its secure and reliable API.

FarmManager's farm monitoring system allows users to check instruction execution, log daily operations, track employees and machinery, find mistakes, and reduce implementation costs. The product operates on a global SIM card and has been implemented by several Israeli agro holdings, with the owners preparing for its international release.

Tractor GPS tracking in Benin

tractor GPS tracking

The government agency in Benin that sells and leases agricultural equipment to farmers faced problems due to their inability to manage assets in remote locations. Farmers did not maintain equipment properly, leading to asset loss and high costs for the government.

To address this problem, SLI AFRIKA, a partner of Wialon, developed a GPS tracking solution for a fleet of 1,000 vehicles. Hardware wise it includes FMB920 tracking devices and EYE beacons to provide real-time information about tractor location and allow sending notifications when the asset is at risk. While the Wialon server solution provides analytics data to maintain rented equipment.

With this tractor GPS tracking system, the agency can adjust maintenance schedules, create reminders for scheduled maintenance and part replacement, and reduce the risk of tractor misuse and damage. This solution offers control tools to cover the client's issues and allows for improved asset utilization. By tracking equipment in remote areas and reducing asset loss, the agency can decrease costs and better control high-value assets.

Custom-built consolidated report for a transport monitoring system

transport monitoring system

The client has 250 units of cargo and special equipment. They experienced operational issues with their transport monitoring system, which relied on GPS in construction. Previously, a mechanic monitored the system, but he lacked the expertise required to detect failures promptly and accurately, resulting in incorrect data. The system's opacity and complexity made it challenging to evaluate employee performance.

To address these issues and leverage IoT in the construction industry, a Wialon partner from Central Asia developed AES-monitor, an IT solution that analyzes system performance by various parameters and generates technical support reports. The solution was integrated into the daily business process, and a dedicated employee provides technical support during business hours.

The project enabled real-time fleet monitoring with reduced effort, providing a customized report for fleet management analysis and identifying weak points in company processes. It also facilitated staff changes. The transport monitoring system efficiency increased, preventing over 40 cases of fuel drains and saving $35,000 by reducing monthly fuel costs by more than 7%.

Fleet GPS tracking system for Thailand Post Distribution

fleet GPS tracking

Thailand Post Distribution had fleet management challenges that required addressing, such as ensuring only authorized employees drove post vehicles and complying with government regulations. To solve these issues, Xsense partnered with Ruptela to create a customized GPS fleet management system with features like MCR (Thailand Magnetic Card Reader) and voice playback.

The solution helped reduce unauthorized vehicle use and theft, improve driver behavior, and lower fuel consumption. Ruptela offered onboarding support and 24/5 multi-language support to ensure a smooth implementation process. Overall, the solution provided by Ruptela enabled Xsense to offer Thailand Post a complete fleet management system that met the organization's requirements.

People tracking system for an international research project  

people tracking system

GetGPS was hired by a client representing Gallup International Association, an association of polling organizations, and GlobalNR, a consortium of professional research companies, to create a solution for tracking people's location and time spent in specific areas of 30 different apartments. The objective was to provide daily reports on the location and movement of 150 people. Cameras could not be used because potential participants would be deterred by privacy concerns.

GetGPS recommended using Teltonika TMT250 devices and iBeacons. These devices, combined with BLE tags placed in each apartment, allowed for accurate data collection without compromising privacy. The information collected included date, time, location, and height of a tracker, apartment and premises ID, Bluetooth tag signal strength, battery and tracker charge levels, and time spent in each room. The data was sent to Wialon and then to Repogen, a Wialon-based service, where customized reports were generated and automatically sent to the customer.

Throughout the project, GetGPS provided professional tech support and detailed instructions to participants. The result was a successful research project, with 896 reports delivered in 4 months. The reports provided accurate and detailed data on people's movements in the premises, meeting the client's needs.

Dairy management system for a Mexican products company

dairy management system

Grupo Alpura, a Mexican dairy company with a fleet of 200 milk trucks, faced challenges with product accounting, transportation, fuel consumption, and product theft. CTTMX, a Wialon partner, developed an IoT solution in dairy farming that included GPS tracking devices, load and temperature sensors, fuel level sensors, and ultrasonic sensors for volume measurement.

Wialon collects data from sensors and GPS trackers. Wialon partner CTTMX customized their existing TRM tool to provide advanced reports and personalized dashboards.

The result is better control of trucks, improved product quality control, a 40% reduction in fuel consumption, and prevention of fuel and product theft. Drivers can be trained to improve their driving behavior, optimize routes, and deliver products more efficiently. CTTMX offers 24/7 support and online employee training.


IoT has brought significant transformation in various industries, enabling businesses to optimize their operations and improve their efficiency. Wialon partners have leveraged the technology to provide the best IoT solutions for their clients, and their outstanding implementation skills were recognized in the IoT project of the year competition.

Discover more IoT use case examples in our use cases library and blog.

Darya Kavaleuskaya
Darya Kavaleuskaya
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