WiaTag turns your smartphone into
a GPS tracker

The application is installed on a mobile device, transforming it into a part of a comprehensive personal monitoring system. With WiaTag, the user tracks field employees, sends tasks, and controls their execution. All settings are located in a separate Configurator web app, so the integrator has remote 24/7 access to the app configuration and diagnostics.

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WiaTag turns your smartphone into GPS tracker
WiaTag Employee GPS Tracking Solution
Employee GPS Tracking Solution WiaTag
Public utilities
Employee GPS Tracking Solution
WiaTag Employee GPS Tracking
Delivery services
Employee GPS Tracking WiaTag
Employee GPS Tracking
Services sector
WiaTag - your smartphone as a GPS tracker

Scope of application

WiaTag is suitable for employee GPS tracking in any business area

WiaTag mobile application

It is easy to install and turns your smartphone into a GPS tracker. Wialon users can install the application for free.

Access to relevant data

The information is automatically updated and displayed on the smartphone screen in a modern and user-friendly interface.

Support for various data types

Employees can send photos, SOS messages, or location data by simply tapping the button. Whatever happens, the employer will be aware of what’s going on.

User statuses

The application allows using statuses (Busy, Available, Away, etc.) to inform about the employee's activities instantly.

Using QR codes

Employees can log in with a QR code and also use WiaTag as a QR and barcode scanner.

Suitable operation mode

Depending on the required data accuracy and the desired battery consumption, the user chooses from the available WiaTag operation modes or creates a custom own.

Remote control

An integrator or employer can change settings, get logs and troubleshoot issues without physical access to the employee's smartphone.

Communication with workers

The application allows to chat with workers, receive alerts, request coordinates and photos.

Interaction with BLE beacons

The user's smartphone can be connected to a BLE device, and WiaTag will detect such a beacon nearby and send this information to the monitoring system.

Configurator web application

The application is designed for a company to quickly, conveniently, and easily connect any number of employees to the monitoring system.

Configurator allows setting parameters the integrator or employer needs to diagnose and configure GPS monitoring.

Remote access to WiaTag

You no longer need to request employee data: you can get details on the application work anytime.

Bulk sending of settings

Relevant settings are sent to any number of smartphones. It helps avoid filling in the configuration file manually and sending it to each device separately.

QR code for authorization

It provides a quick login to the application and instant transfer of ready-made settings to the account.

Getting started with WiaTag is easy

Install the application on the executor's smartphone, configure it via Configurator, and a comprehensive field employee tracking software solution is ready. No additional hardware and extra costs required.

WiaTag advantages

For integrators

Remote support and app configuration
Troubleshooting issues without physical access to the smartphone
Easy user connection via a QR code
Direct access to log files

For business

Mobile workforce tracking without additional hardware
Easy launch and usability
The ability to customize the application in line with employees’ tasks
Modes to control smartphone battery consumption
WiaTag mobile application

Useful links on WiaTag

WiaTagKit library

Use the WiaTagKit library to add the GPS tracker functionality to any application.

With WiaTagKit, you get a ready-to-use component, which means you save time and money on development. The Wialon communication protocol will allow you to quickly release a new solution. The library can be used for iOS and Android platforms and any devices that support Java applications.

Start with a user guide for a quick launch.

Download for Android Download for iOS
Mobile application WiaTag

WiaTag webinar

Personal monitoring with Wiatag. New opportunities during COVID-19 times


  • Projects that are relevant in times of crisis, from small businesses to municipal and public administrations
  • Personal monitoring with WiaTag – simple and nontypical solutions during the pandemic

Recorded: April 9, 2020
Authors: Andrei Liatsetski, Wialon Implementation Consultant (Europe), Wialon
Length: 45 minutes

Personal monitoring with Wiatag
Learn how to use Wialon and Wialon-based tracking solutions to make the best of your business
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