Fr Ray Sponsor a Child Foundation
Inspection Tour Jan 10 to March 17 2010

Hi everyone!

I'm here in Thailand visiting all of the projects supported by our Foundation. On this page, I'll attempt to tell a little about just a few of those projects. There are three separate topics here which are: The Fr Ray Foundation has loads of projects supporting children. I'll focus here on the projects aimed at the really underprivlidged and needy.
The projects are:

Fr. Ray Child Protection Dept

The Fr Ray Foundation has it's own department of Child Protection. This department is headed up by Jarintorn Chanbamrung (Khun Joop is much easier ... Khun means Mr or Mrs and Joop is her shortened name). To help you understand the whole overall structure for these Fr Ray Foundation projects, this department is the best starting place.

Children arrive or are referred to the Fr Ray Foundation via many different routes. The kids themselves may stop at the Drop in center and ask for assistance. Khun Joop may receive a phone call from a neighbor of a child suspected of being mistreated. The local police or even a private citizen may bring a child there. Khun Joop's job along with her social welfare worker is to determine if and/or with whom the child should be placed.

Usually the child is initially cared for at a Drop-In center. The child receives a complete physical and psychological evaluation. They usually stay at the drop in center for a week or so until this process is finished. Sometimes, they stay as long as three months. After the evaluation is complete, Khun Joop determines the best place for the child, either the Children's Village or the Children's Home. About 80-90 children are processed by the Fr Ray Child Welfare office each year.

Fr. Ray The Drop In Center

Pattaya has a large number of street kids who have arrived to participate in the seedy sex trade industry. They may be as young as 6. Some 30 years ago, the Street Kids home was created as a refuge for these kids should they need an alternative to their existance as a sex toy for pediphiles or as a prostitute. Now this initial introduction to a better way of living is provided by the drop-in center.

Runaways are still encouraged to come and find a safe environment, a good meal and medical attention but as I already mentioned anyone may be referred to the center.
I met first with Khun Krisna then met several of the kids who were there.

Fr. Ray Halfway House

This house is awaiting construction and is expected to open in the summer/fall of 2010. I visited the site but decided not to show you a muddy lot!!

The concept of this house is to accomodate children who arrive in their later teen years. They want to escape their current lifestyle but are not appropriate candidates for living in Children's Village or Home. At present they can stay at the drop in center and receive medical care, education, food and lodging for up to three months. When this facility is finished, then they will have the opportunity to live at the Halfway House for six additional months during which time they will receive instruction on how to live on their own, find a decent job and become a responsible young adult

The Danish Foundation for Pattaya fully funded the construction of this new home

Fr. Ray Children's Village

The Children's Village is modeled after the SOS Children's Villages International blueprint for a family living environment for orphaned or abandoned children. We currently have four houses and each house is home to eight children and a house "mother". Each home also has an Auntie figure but the aunties live in separate staff housing.

Another six houses are due to open on March 13 2010. Children living here are generally those who are younger when accepted. The entire Village also has a manager and a resident psychologist.

It's current capacity is 32 children and with the opening of the new houses, there will be room for 48 more children.

Ron is greeted by Khun Wanvanut, the manager

Children's Home

(formerly the Street Kids Home)
The Children's Home houses about 150 children who reside at the home and another 80 or so that live in their own community. It has a capacity of about 200 resident children.

Years ago, this was the facility that provided a safe harbor for kids escaping from the seedy bars and brothels along the Pattaya beach. In order to better protect those children already living here, the Drop In center was created and provides a buffer between arriving street children and those well on their way to a better and safer life at the Children's Home.
In it's initial years, almost all the residents were street kids. Due to gradually improving conditions concerning children in Pattaya and with improved legal enforcement against child predators, the home has gradually filled with a broader mix of abandoned and needy children in addition to the street kids.
Khun Supachi the director, along with our sponsored child Jane and some staff.
Their pledge to the kids.

Camillian Center

We made a visit to Father Giovanni's center for children infected with HIV. This project is located in Rayong which is about an hour further away from Bangkok than Pattaya. I had heard of Fr Giovanni's work but this was my first opportunity to actually meet him and see the great work he is doing there. He has facilities for children which you'll see below and also a hospice type facility for adults who are terminally ill with AIDS.

The kids that are here were usually brought to the center suffering from a variety of ailments which are side affects of HIV. Most had received no treatment nor medicine to contain the disease until they arrived.

In looking at case histories of the children and the "when they entered" to "where they are today" pictures, it was most impressive seeing what some containment control can do in minimizing the effects of the disease. I was overwhelmed with the spirit of what Giovanni is doing.

Camillian Center Sign

And here is Som!!

Our foundation has agreed to a full sponsorship for her. She arrived at 2 years of age and was near death. Today she is a loving and healthy (witin the limits of HIV) young lady of 7+ years.

She is quite a salesperson. I was sitting with a group at lunch and she came over and asked to sit on my lap. She snuggled in and was soon fast asleep. This picture is taken about 40 minutes later when she woke up. You might notice that the dining room is now empty. I didn't have the heart to wake her and she captured mine just by hugging and sleeping.

Visits with just a few of the kids supported

I can't include pictures of all the kids being sponsored by our foundation but here are all the kids from the Cape May NJ area. (Dottie .. your sponsored child was on break)


Beer is sponsored by Karen.


This young fellow is sponsored by our bridge club. I had a devil of a time making Tom understand that his sponsor was a whole bunch of people. In truth, he may never have understood.


Gerry's child from the Orphanage had left so now both Gerry and I are sponsoring Jane. She had a lot of difficulty when she first arrived here but now her grades are excellent and in fact she just passed her entrance exams to higher level school.

Beer receiving her Christmas present sent by the Sylvesters

Addendum - Jan 2012-April 2012

Well 2 years have passed and here are the same kids plus a few more


Eveyone got good grades, so I took them to a go cart track. None of them had ever been to one before


And Som and her friends went with me to a party just for them


Thanks for reading through all this. I am moved beyond words as I visit project after project. I hope I have shared some of those feelings with you.

Khun Ron
Remember Khun is Mr. or Mrs. and then the shortened first name! Gee I can't stop teaching :-)