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I'm Ron Small. I live in both the United States and many other places during the year.
I used to spend half my year helping with a handicapped school in Thailand. Now a lot of my time is spent traveling (in style), hiking (not stylish to some people), playing bridge, developing interesting software and other things.
When I have time, I update these pages :)

The pages for the handicapped school, the orphanage and other projects in Pattaya, Thailand are the primary purpose of my establishing these web pages. Many people have found them quite interesting and they provide a great deal of information about a wonderful set of social projects centered around the town of Pattaya, Thailand.

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What this site contains
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Places to Visit/Browse
* All the projects in Pattaya
The Cyberspace of the RVSD and other projects sponsored by the Redemptorist Fathers in Pattaya,Thailand. These pages allow a "virtual" tour of all the facilities in Pattaya. You walk by "clicking" in the direction that you want to go.
* The RVSD Vocational School for the Disabled
Direct to the Redemptorist Vocational School for the Disabled (RVSD)
* Favorite Restaurants
Some special favorites acquired over the years
* Duplicate Bridge
A great hobby and a great game. This page provides a link to the game for newcomers to the game. It also contains some interesting hands for experiences players and more importantly, a list of links to better developed Bridge pages for the experienced player.
* Hiking and Trekking
A page for new trekkers with references to some intermediate to advanced places also
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Some Statistics

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