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This Web site was created, and is maintained, by the students at the Redemptorist Vocational School for the Disabled RVSD in Pattaya, Thailand, in collaboration with their teachers and headmaster, and is supported by expertise, services, and financial contributions from the world community.

All the students and teachers express their happiness that you have taken the time to tour this site. 
Please take a minute to visit with the Dean Emeritus of the school and receive some hints about viewing our pages. 
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The Pattaya Complex is our own coined phrase for an amazing array of projects for orphans and disabled youths that are located in and around the city of Pattaya, Thailand.
An enumeration of these projects is as follows:
An Orphanage
The Pattaya Orphanage currently handles about 170 children. There are three nuns working at the orphanage. They belong to a Catholic Order of nuns called Lovers of the Cross, Chantaburi.

The children range in age from newly born to University students. The orphanage encourages the children to go for higher education at university or vocational training after high school. Four orphans are presently studying at various Universities.
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A school for the handicapped
The RVSD currently has about 200 students in the school. They learn either Electronic or Computer Science. A prospective student must be at least 17 years of age. There are 21 teachers and three volunteer teachers. Almost all of the staff are themselves disabled.

The school has been recognized as the best in Thailand and the surrounding countries. Sine the founding of the school, 100% of every graduating class has obtained a job in the business world upon graduation.
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A school for the deaf
The school has 60 young students. Although there are a few children with partial hearing, almost all the students are totally deaf

The school is located right next to the orphanage. It is a pre-school kindergarten, preparing the children to enter the Baen Saen government school which is about a half hour away.
It begins the process of teaching them the signing skills required for a successful life.
There are four teachers at the school.
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