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The Vocational school is located less than a kilometer from the Orphanage. It was established in 1984 to provide free full time residential professional training in high technology to young handicapped adults. In Thailand, as in most Newly Industrialized Countries, the government while making vast strides in providing basic education is unable to provide for all. Among those often falling by the wayside are the handicapped.

The future for the estimated one million handicapped youth in Thailand's villages is disheartening. Unable to be productive and with little self-esteem, depression and suicide is often the result.

The school provides training in either computer operations, computer science or electronic science. All students, particularly those in the computer curriculum, are taught English. All tuition, materials,equipment,lodging,food and medical attention are provided by the school free of charge.

Special care is taken to provide social, athletic, and generalized studies in addition to the specific curriculum courses.

  • The Thai Dept of Education provides educational assistance so students can first obtain a high school equivalency degree if they have not been able to complete high school.
  • The school enjoys the highest reputation for academic excellence. Students have consistently placed first or second in national Thai computer programming competitions. These competitions are open to all comers, handicapped or non-handicapped. The RVSD kids keep coming through with great results!
  • Programs in all types of athletics are provided and encouraged. The school always competes in National Handicapped Sporting events and the Thai "Little Olympics" held each year. It is not uncommon for RVSD students to walk away with most of the Gold Medals!
  • The RVSD has sent several students to compete in World Olympics in Korea, Tokyo and most recently in Atlanta.


One Hundred percent of the graduating students have had a professional job in hand before graduating. These jobs are permanent employment with reputable companies. With the training received, a job in hand, and their self-esteem rejuvenated, graduates can count on a normal and productive life.

Former students maintain a great loyalty to the school and revisit both to provide assistance to the school and to encourage the new students by telling their own success stories upon graduation!

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