RVSD English Department Floor (4th)

The English Department is located on the fourth floor of the main teaching building. Most students have had some English taught in school, before coming to 'The School', but it is often only rudimentary, without any extensive ability to speak it.

The 'Major' subjects of 'The School' are about computers and electronics, with English as a 'Minor'. Nonetheless the teaching of English does occupy a good part of the teaching week for most students. Upon arrival students are interviewed and assessed as to there level of English ability, and then put, as much as possible, in compatible classes.

The 'Staff consists of the 'Head Teacher', John Bonner, and many volunteers of all ages and levels of experience and expertise, and from many countries. There is always a contingent of young Danes, who come for periods from one month to six months. Out of this the students do gain some facility of English in varying degrees.