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Old People' Home

Description of the Home and it's History.

Stateless people

Since the end of World War II, Thailand has acted as an oasis of tranquillity in a turbulent region. Southeast Asia has been beset by wars and death on all sides. Across the borders of Thailand have streamed countless refugees. They have escaped turmoil in the neighboring countries - - Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Vietnam and even China. Many of these people, coming from nomadic hill tribes, lack any nationality documents. Thus they fall into the category of stateless people.

The Problem

While the government of Thailand has at all times sought to provide help to it's temporary refugees, the problem frequently eludes a solution. Repatriation has been sought when situations in the originating country lead the refugee to believe that it is safe to return home. However, either because they lack proper documentation or for for other reasons, the original countries often refuse to accept refugees back. So the stateless remain in a legal limbo confined to camps and prisons.

Numerous such people had spent over thirty years in such conditions. They were essentially enduring life imprisonment simply because they lacked the necessary legal papers.

The Old Peoples Home

Fr. Brennan saw the injustice of this situation and arranged with the authorities to take some of these stateless elderly into his care. Accordingly, in 1978 the Pattaya Old Peoples Home was opened. The home is situated on the same land as the Vocational School for the Disabled (RVSD). It provides the resident elderly with a natural home setting surrounded by the children and youth of the neighboring institutions.

Providing for all the needs of the old people, providing a loving environment in which to pass their remaining days, for many this is the only experience of relative normality which they have ever had in their lives!

The home currently accepts no new residents as the Thai government has instituted many humane programs of it's own to help these people.


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