Technical Hints

This is pretty silly to mention and apologies to our viewers. We attempted to make all Hypertext references throughout our pages highlighted in "yellow". However on pages like this which are devoted to text, we changed the background color from a dark slate blue to pale yellow to ease eye strain. Since yellow hyper links on yellow pages would be fairly invisible, on pages with pale yellow backgrounds, unvisited hyperlinks are shown in "light blue" and visited links in "green"
To speed up your viewing
[HINT]If you enjoy this site and want to spend time browsing through all of our collected pages, then I suggest downloading a complete copy of the current HTML files. Most of our descriptive material and virtual tour are graphics oriented and viewing such files with a slow modem and a busy WEB can make your tour slow and painful.
To speed up Hint #2
If you know you are connected to a slow ISP, then turning off Images Auto load really speeds up general viewing and moving around
You won't see any of the pictures but you can read all the text.
To do this, Select OPTIONS in your browser and see if "Auto Load Images" is checked (enabled). If it is, then you can disable it by clicking on that option.
The Virtual Tours
The virtual tours let you "walk" around Pattaya and visit the various projects. You get to see the real facilities, visit the classrooms, drop in unannounced on the faculty etc. The virtual tours and the text based information content are available on each page. Generally, clicking on a red buttoned menu item or yellow hyperlink text brings up informative data (e.g. Textual Information) while clicking on yellow arrows or yellow sections of buildings move you around the "virtual tour"
This is the one area, however, that is unusable if you do not load images.
Keeping track of new things
If you find you have enjoyed viewing our pages and want to keep track of new things that occur in the Pattaya Complex or changes that we make to these WEB pages, here are two suggestions
  • Visit the main page periodically and look at the What's New section. This will inform you of major events and activities that are taking place around the projects
  • Browser and Color setup
    The pages are best viewed using a frames enabled browser and there are many GIF and JPEG files that only show up well using a 256 color SVGA.
    The Under construction Image
    Whenever you see this image, it warns you that we are working in this area and it may not work properly
    [WIP]This is just an example