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285/103 Pattaya-Naklua Road, Soi 16 Pattaya City, ChonBuri 20150 Thailand.
Tel.(038) 225479

The Pattaya Redemptorist School for blind children provides free residential schooling for poor blind children who would otherwise receive no education.

There are few schools in Thailand which cater to the special needs of the blind. Sightless children languish in their villages or are sent to beg on the streets of Bangkok. In many instances blind children are treated similarly to the mentally impaired, with no attempt being made to educate or assist them.

The Blind School has received a number of cases where fully grown children had not been taught to walk or eat normal food. A further complication is that in many cases blindness resulted from poor post-natal care, particularly oxygen deprivation, leaving these disabled children with additional degrees of physical and mental impairment.

A new school and residential facility was completed in July 1993. This facility was built with the considerable help from the Rotary clubs of Denmark and had the honor of being opened by Her Royal Highness Princess Sirinthorn. The new school has the capacity for training up to 200 students. However financial constraints have thus far limited the number of students to around 90.

With teachers specially trained in the education of the blind, the school focuses on providing reading and writing skills in Braille books and typewriters. The school is very proud to be able to prepare all the children for the national examinations of the Ministry of Education of Thailand.

Since the school is relatively young, the problem of training secondary school graduates for full time jobs has not yet been faced. However plans must be established for the provision of such training as there are almost no jobs currently available for blind people in Thailand.

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