Sites for Beginners

The Beginners Bridge World
A web page in design for people interested in learning this fascinating card game and social activity
Beginning Bridge by Fifth Chair
A great bridge page dedicated to beginners but good for other levels also

New Sites (since last update)

Several new Countries have been added to the Bridge Federation list

Misc Archives and Commercial Sites

Bridge Archives
Archive of all types of Bridge data, it is intended to contain archives of all bridge activity and data around the world.
by Markus Buchhorn, Australian National University.
Bridge Baron
Bridge Baron Computer Software by Great Game Products, Inc.
Click here to see review of product
Bridge Passion Problem link
Bridge Passion - Learn bridge on the Internet. 205 free bridge lessons for novice to intermediate players : easy hands explained, bidding, declarer play, defense. Also : clubs, partners, software, classified ...
Bridge Plaza
A very nicely done commercial bridge site with lots of other interesting items including On line Vu-Graph Software
Bridge Today
Bridge Today Magazine
Bridge Trix
Bridge Trix
Bridge World
Bridge World Magazine's Home Page
Barclay Baron Bridge Supplies
Read any of Frank Stewart's columns, then backup and checkout new books etc. from Barclay Baron
Great Bridge Links
A complete directory of bridge organizations around the globe.
MeadowLark Bridge
Lots of interesting Bridge material under the title "The Bridge Odyssey" sponsored by Meadowlark Bridge
Bridge Hand Generator with a WWW interface
This page allows you and your partner to generate hands with specific parameters such as # of points and distribution to practice your bidding skills
Yahoo Search Engine for Bridge Links
By rerunning this,you can catch newly listed pages

Usegroups related to Duplicate bridge

These links work differently in different browsers. They usually interface with your default mail reader program

National / International Bodies

If you don't find the country of interest listed below, you can also check the ACBL links page or the National Contract Organization Map page

Misc Pages Devoted to Bridge

Andrew, Thomas
hand collection
Blubaugh, John
John is a bridge professional and writer with a very interesting page. He welcomes bidding questions which he answers most promptly, and has set up a form on his page to assist in your sending in the questions.
Check out the bridge quiz also.
Cheung, Peter
Peter moves his bridge page around so this link gets to his top page. Then look for his bridge link. A good page with lots of valuable results, bridge software, a interesting Applet to program bridge hands for viewing on the Web.
DESY Group
The DESY Bridge Group, Henk Uijterwaal -
Feiler, Kent
Contains Word Perfect files for downloading of hands that the page developer felt were interesting. Also contains data about "Colonial ACOL" (his phrase, not mine)
research on bridge and ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. A comprehensive index of research articles many with full downloadable PostScript text.
Goldsmith, Jeff
Bridge problems which Jeff defines as "Bridge Movies"
I define them as fun You can download the software to write movies of your own !!
Gudge, Anna
Great general page for bridge in the UK and ECATs and lots of info about worldwide bridge in general.
Marsh, Anna
from UK, the page has some cute animation. However, it uses vector graphics which requires a download of that feature if you have not already installed it
Muller, David
Information about Junior Bridge in Britain
O"Connor, Michael
Precision bridge page
Pavlicek, Richard
Richard Pavlicek is a US Bridge expert and has interactive bridge quizzes , articles from his columns and other problems and topics on his pages.
Pekiner, Yalçin
from Turkey, the page has some nice practice bidding software. The pages do ask for a download of additional support software (which I did not verify) but the practice bidding works well w/o this download.
Stevenson, David
for Tournament Directors and those interested in the laws of bridge
Uppsala Christer Enkvist
The Piranha Club bidding system
van der Windt, Andrew
bridge problems, good selection for beginning and intermediate players wanting to learn how others analyze bridge situations.
van Ree, Herman
systems, conventions - NETHERLAND -- Bidding Software
Wagner, Alex
Lot's of Bridge stories.
The HTML programming is what grabbed me however .. good Java , graphics !!
However, the link only brings you to Alex's portal, you must then enter and select the Bridge topics.
Walker, Karen
Good collection of notes on common bidding conventions The files on "bidding over Strong 2 Clubs" and "Negative Free Bids" helped solidify one of my regular partnerships. Thanks Karen :)

Play Bridge On Line

The page for Internet OKBridge from Matt Clegg.
Play bridge with people from all around the globe. In my opinion, the leading commercial activity for people interested in on-line duplicate bridge.
E-Bridge Site
ACBL Bulletin readers are probably familiar with this site which now offers on-line bridge and is cooperating with the ACBL in developing the ACBL on-line site
Bridge Player LIVE!
Using OK Bridge can get your personal time clock WACKO if you live in the UK or on the continent, here is a nice system based in the UK
The Internet Gaming Zone
A complete gaming zone including Bridge, at present it works with IE only, there is a beta version for Netscape
The Gamezone
Microsoft sponsored, with lots of games for download. But it general this site is a sales site rather than a play site
A free bridge server that includes pair and team games
Developed by Geoff Pike, UCB
Good general gaming site with software for downloading, including Bridge

Pages for Specific Bridge Clubs and Units

Club de Bridge de Javea
Bridge Club on the Spanish Costa Blanca
Delaware State Bridge Association
Website of Unit 190 of the ACBL
Clubs in Niagara Region of Canada
News and information for duplicate bridge players of all levels , particularly those in the Niagara Region of Ontario , Canada
Shore Bridge Club
Shore Bridge Club, serving the entire Atlantic County and nearby areas
It's one of my local club, I have to plug it !!
Cape May Bridge Club
Cape May Bridge Club, serving Cape May County and nearby areas
It's one of my local clubs, I have to plug it !!
Philadelphia Contract Bridge Association
It's my unit, I have to plug it !!
District 4
The home page for District 4 of the ACBL

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